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The Importance of Fencing In Your Garden Re-Design

Our aim when designing a decking project for your garden is to leave you with a completed package that exceeds your expectations. That is because we have more ideas and options available than perhaps you realise. So when you come to us for a decking solution, we can certainly provide that, but the end result will look so much better with accompanying fencing or balustrades.

Fencing is very often an afterthought when it comes to your garden re-design, but we encourage our clients to look at the full package and what is capable in the space you have available. Of course we can design a decking solution to fully utilise every inch of space you have, but accompanying fencing is what truly finishes off the design and adds the required ‘wow’ factor.

What do you want from your fencing?

At Northern Deckline we don’t just approach fencing as a functional thing. Naturally you need it for security and privacy and to mark clear boundaries where necessary, but fencing is a key visual aspect of a garden re-design and represents a big part of what you will spend most of the time looking at from inside. When it is done well, fencing can complete the circle and create the neat and tidy finish that you were looking for.

Of course you want your fencing to be decorative and attractive, but it also has to be strong and durable. After all, fencing literally has to stand up to the elements, and in truth, is exposed to more extreme weather than decking. In this respect, at Northern Deckline we recommend a uPVC Eco Fencing, which is maintenance free and stylish, but is also sturdy enough to overcome testing winters. This comes in plenty of colour and style options and so there is no problem in finding something that will suitably complement your decking.

Whilst a decking installation requires a completely new sub-frame as well as the decking, fencing installations can often utilise existing structures to save you some costs. This will be fully discussed during any survey and included in a detailed quote, but it is possible to use existing concrete posts and gravel boards, as long as we are happy they are structurally sound and won’t compromise the quality you would expect from us. Alternatively, we can also install new PVC steel reinforced posts. Our primary objective is to find a solution you are happy with, this involves many considerations and ultimately the decision is yours.

Fencing options at Northern Deckline 

Fencing can come as uPVC and we also provide PVC picket fencing in a range of shapes, colours and styles, with a pointed tip for a traditional and timeless look, or you could go for an alternative look with a concave or convex shape for the horizon. This kind of fencing still performs its practical purpose, ie. to keep family and pets safe, but also looks ornamental and allows you a more unobstructed view. If privacy is a big factor for you, then we can offer uPVC fencing with wider slats and smaller gaps, so light can get through but there is more overall privacy and seclusion.

Balustrade provides a more open and airy feel compared to the ‘enclosed’ look you might want from fencing. It goes without saying that balustrade won’t match your decking quite as closely as fencing can, but certainly it can complement it superbly and with a decorative flourish, and some of our most attractive decking projects have been perfectly bordered by accompanying lengths of balustrade. Glass panels are another way you can complete your decking installation, to offer a contemporary, contrasting finish and to fully exploit the light in your garden.

Examples of our recent decking and fencing installations in Yorkshire

As you would expect, a lot of our work comes in the summer months, but in autumn we also find that people have enjoyed one last summer out of their garden in its present state, and are now ready for a re-design which can bed in over the winter ready for next summer. Consequently September and October has been a really busy period for us, and fencing has figured prominently in many of the installations we have completed and certainly in the ones we are most proud of.

We have recently completed a stunning installation in Barnsley, which made great use of some dead space at the bottom of a lawned area. We installed some uPVC decking and glass panels to create a stylish and modern outdoor area in front of a small summer house.

glass panels

A recent project in Wakefield also saw us use concrete posts and gravel boards and uPVC fencing to create a robust and attractive boundary wall for this house.


This property, also in Wakefield, wanted a decking re-design and we managed to utilise an untidy area to create a new raised deck surrounded by balustrade, which can be sectioned off as a play area for the kids or as a more secluded seating area.


In Sheffield we completed a boundary wall with a picket fence that surrounded the property, the driveway and also provided convenient gates for the family.

sheffield fencing

All these images are genuine projects we have completed since the beginning of September, and illustrate the versatility you can get from decking and fencing together, but also show how our specialist installers can suggest design solutions you may not have thought of, and fencing certainly comes into that category.

We have experienced technical staff who can look at your outdoor space and come up with a wealth of practical and affordable solutions, and certainly fencing of any design can fully complete your installation and make the difference between a satisfactory design and Northern Deckline truly exceeding your expectations.

"Simon and Kez were the team who installed our low maintenance Oak decking.What a pair of great lads extremely polite, personable,conscientious and respectful .We will be able to enjoy the garden this year sitting on the anti-slip decking instead of sanding and stain the old deck."
- Richard Wood
"Very happy with the work that Northern Deckline carried out from start to finish very polite and tidy workmen, the finished job looks great."
- Mrs. Whittlestone , Barnsley, South Yorkshire
"Thank you to Richard and Simon for a lovely job , we used to slip on the old timber decking but we do not on the new PVC oak decking fitted and supplied by Northern Deckline."
- Mr. and Mrs, Richardson, Doncaster
"Very pleased with the end result, would recommend Northern Deckline."
- Mr. and Mrs. Collier, Roundhay, Leeds, West Yorkshire

360 Tour Sheffield Decking

Here is a 360 virtual tour of a fantastic decking installation we did in Sheffield recently!
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