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The Benefits of Anti-Slip Decking

Decking is widely accepted as the number one exterior product both for domestic and commercial use. There are many benefits to installing decking, not least its ease of installation, flexibility in solving exterior design issues and the fact that the decking we provide is robust and long-lasting. However, it is true that traditional timber and plastic decking can become slippery in certain conditions, but at Northern Deckline we have a practical solution for that too.

Of course decking can become slippery and hazardous after rainfall or on a dewy or frosty morning, but the slip hazard is not always caused by the weather. Algae growth from falling leaves or foliage can also create a slippery surface and is hard to prevent, unless you invest in some anti-slip decking.

Anti-slip decking solutions from Northern Deckline

A popular solution for retro-fitting anti-slip decking, ie. where you didn’t foresee a problem from surrounding trees, is to fit anti-slip inserts on each decking board. These are narrow and discreet grips that create friction regardless of the weather or anything residing on the surface of the decking.

These inserts are an effective solution, but at Northern Deckline we can also supply anti-slip decking that has been injected with an epoxy resin into the grooves of the decking board and then coated with an aggregate finish. The resin dries to create a very solid seal in the manufacturing process that is effectively integral to the board, meaning no moisture can get into it. The finished product is moisture resistant and as robust as the board was previously, whilst in terms of wood decking it also retains the natural characteristics and attractive charm of the bare timber.

As the resin sets into the board during manufacture, this is perhaps an advantage over the retro-fitted inserts, as there isn’t a 100% moisture free surface when you fit the insert, while adhesion of the insert can also become loose over time, not only reducing its effectiveness but also creating a trip hazard.

Experienced decking providers in Yorkshire

So at Northern Deckline we would recommend the resin-treated timber or plastic board in order to offer the complete peace of mind that the kids can play out more safely on the decking while you are inside, and you won’t slip over while carrying something outside. We can supply all forms of anti-slip decking and we can come and assess your outside area and quote you for the best practical solution to suit your needs.

This is why we have become one of the most experienced decking providers in Yorkshire with a long history of happy customers, who have been delighted with the decking solution we have installed for them.

"We are delighted with the end result and the workmen were great, we particularly liked Richard but Simon was very polite and efficient too."
- Mr. and Mrs. Brook.PVC Decking
"Simon and Kez were the team who installed our low maintenance Oak decking.What a pair of great lads extremely polite, personable,conscientious and respectful .We will be able to enjoy the garden this year sitting on the anti-slip decking instead of sanding and stain the old deck."
- Richard Wood
"Thank you to Richard and Simon for a lovely job , we used to slip on the old timber decking but we do not on the new PVC oak decking fitted and supplied by Northern Deckline."
- Mr. and Mrs, Richardson, Doncaster
"I am delighted with my new decking and it enhances my little garden."
- Mrs, Blakely, Barwick-in-Elmet

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We are also specialists in fencing installations here at Northern Deckline.
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